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If Your Termites Are Undisturbed . . .

If you have found live termites in a timber structure and have not disturbed them by spraying or opening the woodwork to see the extent of the damage — congratulations!

You have given yourself the best chance of killing the culprit colony!

By offering a bait to these termites in such a way as they can leave the timber where they are eating undisturbed in the dark and enter into a cache of bait that is also enclosed and dark, they can begin harvesting that bait to take it back to the nest where it will destroy the whole colony.

As this baiting procedure continues over a month or so, you will feel reassured that the termites are in fact self-destructing as the bait is definitely going back. It may take longer than having a professional using dusts or foam but vacant galleries a few days after their treatment may not be because of the death of the colony, but that the termites were disturbed by the dust/foam application and avoiding the area.

For information on how you can bait the termites you’ve discovered, click here.

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