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Termites Found In Garden Soil or Mulch

Homeowners often find termites while gardening. This happens while pulling weeds, turning the soil or when digging to plant seedlings.

The workers you see will have white heads and their abdomens are darker because you can see through the thin skin to the gut contents. Soldiers will have a darker, brown head. The easily discernible difference between termites and ants is that ants have elbowed antennae compared to a ‘string of beads’ for termites and, ants have a narrow waste so they appear to be in three sections (head, thorax and abdomen) compared to termites in what appears to be just two sections.
If you find termites, it is confirmation they are a threat.

Installing outdoor trapping monitors in several places has the high probability of intercepting termites foraging for new food sources. Putting bait caches in the mulch is usually a waste of time. The cache is most effective when fixed to infested timbers or placed in or on Monitors.

You can make your own monitors if you wish and just buy the Colony Killer Termite Bait once your monitors have been attacked. Or, you can check out the DIY Traps from the same Company that makes the bait: www.termitetrap.com.au

Either way, if you’ve found termites in mulch or other places where you cant get them to go directly into a cache of bait you should go to the details of monitoring for termites

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