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Ion StauntonThis is written specifically for homeowners who choose to face up to the fact that termites are out there. They want to recycle your house; scarily, they may have already begun the process. You want to know what can be done and how much of it you can do yourself.

Ion Staunton started his biological interests in high school, became a pest technician complete with cobwebs in his hair, mud and dust on his overalls from treating termites. He topped his Tech course then studied entomology at UNSW, became a TAFE teacher without a text book so he and Phil Hadlington OAM wrote the first… and the first correspondence course.

He became the founding Secretary of the NSW and national pest industry associations, set up the first one-stop-shop for pest technicians to buy their chemicals and equipment, ran technical and business training sessions… and thought about retirement. UNSWPress then asked him to revise and re-write three text books, so he did.

When a friend asked him how to check for termites, Ion devised what is now the patented TermiKill and since then he has also invented a termite feeder that can be used in the Traps or in treating termites already inside the house or other structures.

After 40+ years of serving the professionals he has switched to providing a do-it-all-yourself system for ordinary homeowners.